September TBR

I don’t know why I do a monthly TBR list either, since I don’t follow a schedule with my reading (though honestly it would probably help me). Whatever; they’re fun posts to write, so screw it.

Here are the books I want to read this month:

  • A Blade So Black | L. L. McKinney – Basically, Alice in Wonderland retellings with a black protagonist. I LOVE Alice retellings, and a diverse one makes it even better!
  • Not Even Bones | Rebecca Scaeffer – This is a dark book about cutting up monsters and selling their parts. Every review I have read so far has basically said it’s delightfully disturbing, which I am so here for.
  • To Make Monsters Out of Girls | Amanda Lovelace – I loved Amanda’s first poetry collection, so I am very eager to read more from her even though I wasn’t hugely into THE WITCH DOESN’T BURN IN THIS ONE.


  • Summer Bird Blue | Akemi Dawn Bowman – I admittedly have not read this author’s first book, but every blogger I follow seems to have loved it, so that is promising. This book is about a girl who wants to write music forever with her sister, but then her sister dies. She ends up going to Hawaii, and musical and surfing things ensue.
  • Rule | Ellen Goodlett – This book was pitched as THREE DARK CROWNS and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, so of course I have to read it, because I read anything comped to PLL. Fantasy PLL, here I come!
  • Wildcard | Marie Lu – This should’ve been the first book on the list because MORE WARCROSS! MORE EMIKA! MORE HIDEO! MORE WARCROSS!! That is all that needs to be said, really.


  • Give the Dark My Love | Beth Revis – This book is a fantasy with PLAGUES and I love plagues (sorry, that came out wrong, but oh well, I’m a sadist, who cares) so i am excite. Plus, it’ll be my first Beth Revis book!
  • Strange Grace | Tessa Gratton – This sounds horror-y, which might not actually work for me now that I don’t really do anything horror, but I was still grabbed by the synopsis, so we will see how I fare with this book.


Are you planning to read any of these books this month? Which September releases are you most excited for?

One thought on “September TBR

  1. Summer Bird Blue! I have read Starfish recently and I loved it so, very much, I’m excited to read that one soon 🙂 and yay for Wildcard, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh SO EXCITED about this. I hope you’ll love all of these 🙂

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