ARC August Plan of ATTACKKKKkk

It is already one week through ARC August and…I haven’t read a single book?? I have honestly been feeling a little book slumpy/book hungover since reading WARCROSS (I know, I’m talking about that book on literally every post this week I’m sorry I just love it so much!!) and not in the mood to read anything else, even though I have a WILDCARD ARC and so many other ARCs I could read. I just…ugh, I need a plan. A plan of ATTAAAAACCCKKKKKKkkk for ze books.

I recently started making a written record of the ARCs and eARCs I have, starting with my eARCs for this year and my eARCs that I still want to read from last year. I want to start knocking off some backlist titles as well as some titles from just earlier this year that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

So, my basic pattern plan, even though I can never stick to a reading schedule because I am a huge mood reader, is this:

2018 eARC–>2017 eARC–>physical 2018 ARC–>REPEAT!!

I am hoping this plan will aid me in getting out of my slumpiness and help me knock out a good number of ARCs before the end of August. Plus there’s Bout of Books during my BIRTHDAY WEEK in a couple of weeks and I plan to use my staycation to read the crap out of some books I’ve been meaning/needing to read.

Anyway. Here are some of the books I want to read for ARC August now with this pattern:


Honestly I really just want to take a break from reading for a couple weeks but I always feel so guilty about not reading. So maybe one of these books will catch my attention.

One thought on “ARC August Plan of ATTACKKKKkk

  1. OH I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling in a bit of a slump – I really hope one of these books will hold your attention! I can’t wait to read The Wicked Deep, You’ll Miss Me When I Am Gone and Wildcard. Hope you’ll love them 🙂

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